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< posted on 04 Dec 2010, 20:33 by Tamara Everiss >

Hi, Really lovely site.Stunning photographs.Came across it from the Wings magazine. Great to change careers to something you obviously thoroughly enjoy.Keep up the great work.Gary

< posted on 09 Nov 2010, 10:52 by Gary >

Just stumbled across your site Polina. Love the bird pics and totaly agree with your comments, if you want a broad mind then see as much of the world as you possibly can.

< posted on 06 Nov 2010, 20:28 by Tropical >

Polina! I am again here on your website! You do such an amazing job! All photos are fantastic! You have a great talent! I hope your works will be posted in many-many magazines!

< posted on 23 Oct 2010, 00:11 by Nadya Z >

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< posted on 20 Oct 2010, 06:59 by Кашапова Айгуль >

great site some good pictures your cats look awsome :-)

< posted on 28 Sep 2010, 03:17 by mark bailey >

Hi Polina, I can help ID the recent 3 hummers that you posted on BirdGuides, as I was birding in Equador Nov-2009. The all green one, with white eye-spot, facing right is a male Green-crowned Brilliant (Heliodoxa jacula). The hermit, with long-down curved bill, is a White-whiskered Hermit (Phaethornis yaruqui). The one with Blue-head & breast and white belly, facing left, is a male White-necked Jacobin (Florisuga mellivora). Nice photos, Jeff.

< posted on 13 Sep 2010, 13:43 by Jeff Hazell >

Nice site

< posted on 12 Sep 2010, 08:13 by dewTidgeJaw >

I know that Dunnock..! ;) Hopefully my next find will be a bit more obliging than the Stone Curlew, so see you then...

< posted on 13 May 2010, 12:38 by Julian Wyllie >

i am stunned by your super photos excellent !!!!!!!!!!

< posted on 02 Mar 2010, 21:43 by Denis >

The last one nice in Cobh:)

< posted on 29 Dec 2009, 19:48 by Jovita >

Some lovely photos here Polina.
The shot of the Ivory Gull banking is stunning - thank you! Just need to find a pride of place position for it now :) Happy Christmas!

< posted on 21 Dec 2009, 23:30 by Julian Wyllie >

Thank you for your nice comments. I am using 5D Mark II and 300mm f2.8 with 1.4x.

< posted on 15 Nov 2009, 21:08 by Polina >

Lovely photos, nice collection. Can I ask as your last guest did what lens and camera are you using?

< posted on 15 Nov 2009, 20:48 by Sue >

Just wanted to ask what camera and lens you are using your photos from Ballycotton & from Cape clear earlier in the year are brilliant

Thanks Richard

< posted on 14 Nov 2009, 22:19 by Richard Hunter >

Brilliant photos of the Bluethroat.

< posted on 11 Nov 2009, 12:37 AJ >

Polinka - mallacca! Klasnnij sajt. Keep up the good work!

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Excellent pictures Polina. Especially the bird shots, and what a beautiful cat! G

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< posted on 18 Mar 2008, 15:00 by nina >

This is very awesome pictures!!! Well done! Love it, Love it, Love it! ;)

< posted on 06 Mar 2008, 07:34 by Eugenia >

These are just amazing photos where do you get the time for all this. I love the ballycotton ones - Have to get a house out there!!! Well done again

< posted on 05 Mar 2008, 11:59 by Chris >

This is awesome!

< posted on 03 Mar 2008, 17:15 by Mark >